1. The costs quoted are based on the assumption that the proposed chargepoint qualifies for the 75% discount through the EVHS scheme.

2. The proposed location of the chargepoint must be compliant with electrical regulations and those within the EVHS scheme.

3. We have assumed the electrical supply and the electrical installation in general is compliant with current regulations. We have not allowed to carry out any rectification work that may be required.

4. We will require full and uninterrupted access to the entire dwelling on the date and time of installation. If this is not possible, a revisit fee of £150 will apply.

5. The client assumes full responsibility in ascertaining the requirements of the EVHS are met. EV Chargepoint reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee of £150 or the full installation cost if these requirements are not met.

6. All costs are inclusive of any VAT applicable at the prevailing rate.

7. Cost quoted include the installation of the chargepoint in a suitable location up to 12m from the consumer unit. Surface mounted cabling is included as standard, other options may incur additional costs (ie. burying cables, breaking out concrete, routing cables through internal walls).

8. We require a spare way in the existing consumer unit to facilitate the installation. We may not be able to complete the installation on the planned installation day if this is not available.